Pre-arranging one's funeral is not a new concept. For many years, hundreds of families have placed their trust in our firm by pre-planning and/or prefunding their funerals. Many families, following a death, soon realize the value of pre-arranging. The many decisions, both informative and financial that must be made by family members are often burdensome.

There are several benefits of planning ahead. One is "peace of mind" in knowing that a family member will not have to make difficult decisions during an emotionally charged time of loss. Another is having one's personal wishes and desires honored at the time of death.

We invite you to come by 201 East Washington Street, call (270) 651-2080, or email us ( for your personal appointment. By meeting with one of our directors, you'll get honest and sincere answers to questions you may have such as:

  • Do I have to pre-pay to pre-arrange my funeral?
  • If I move, does my funeral plan and protection move with me?
  • What are my options of prepaying my funeral expenses?
  • What happens if I die away from home?

Pre-arranging is a service offered by our firm to help families make wise and important decisions in a less stressful environment. There is, of course, no cost or obligation for our help and advice.

On-Line preplanning

We also offer on-line preplanning. Please click the following button to use our on-line preplanning form. You may complete as much or as little of the form as you feel is appropriate.

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